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Baltic Pearl St.Petersburg,Russia

   St.Petersburg, Russia
Baltic Pearl Co., Ltd
Urban Design

This project was part of the large-scale Baltic Pearl development, with a total site area of 208 hectares. KFS designed the plots 39-3 and 39a.

The two plots are located at the south-east of the site. They occupy 29 hectares and have a gross floor area of 447,000 m2. With supporting commercial and educational facilities they are planned to be high-end residential communities.
The site borders Dudergofsky Canal and  branches into the north and east. Leningrad Park is at the other side of the river.

KFS took measures to have the traditional St. Petersburg urban texture grow into this site. Some of the goals aimed to maximize value of the surrounding land in order to increase the value of the residential units and the augmentation of community-awareness through sound planning and design. The designs were based on the individual characteristics of each plot. Different approaches were used to analyze and process different blocks in order to give them more personality. KFS chose various types of residential units to make the community richer in architectural language and vocabulary.

The majority of the residential units were small-scale closed clusters. They formed an outer public area and an inner private space. This increased the local community-awareness. Town houses are placed along the river to take advantage of the water view. Higher units are planned closer to the streets.

In the surrounding areas of Tributsa Road greater density commercial and office building were planned  with a strong sense of urban environment. Together with wide highrise units they meet the functional needs of a modern urban life-style.